20/20 Vision



I will work to establish a residential council committee that allows residents to directly advise the mayor and city council directly, ensuring public transparency.

Strengthening Pasadena's Financial Health

Our city must become more business-friendly. I will work to streamline regulations that unnecessarily burden businesses locally. By readdressing our priorities, and generating revenue through unconventional ways will ensure the city works for best for you. I will vote to control the City's long term costs to ensure a sustainable fiscal future.

Protecting our Neighborhoods

My wife and I were attracted to this community because of its trees, parks, and schools. As mayor, I will encourage positive community policing and rewarding officers who serve their community with pride and rise above the occasion of their call to serve. I will champion reforms to improve police-community relations. I am committed to the safety and protection of all of our residents and neighborhoods.

Supporting Our Schools

I am devoted to partnering with our schools to provide the very best education to all of Pasadena's students and will advocate keeping budget cuts far away from our children's education.

Addressing Homelessness

Our city's current needs are outpacing shelter and affordable housing capacity, leaving many seniors, families and individuals housing insecure, sleeping on the street and in vehicles. Studies show that people of color are disproportionately represented in the homeless population. I will support partnerships and investments in programs that effectively connect people to housing while addressing racial disparities.

Citizens Economic Empowerment

I will advocate for a developing a Pasadena Fund making residents shareholders and partners of a multi-million-dollar fund, creating opportunities for Pasadena citizens, thus providing economic prosperity to everyone.

Overnight Parking & Parking Fees

High anxiety and stress are more likely to occur with citizens when it comes to parking, which could also lead to health concerns. I will support revisiting the parking ticket appeals process.

-Major Williams

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