Pasadena Now (Revision) Article

 In the Mayor’s race, Terry Tornek will square off against Major Williams. Williams was the 1st candidate to commit to the 2020 mayoral election. He recently made headlines when his campaign team posted campaign materials that at 1st glance looked like parking citations on cars.

Williams background working with non-profits extends over 15 years in addition to being what some strive to be today, a successful entrepreneur and marketer. He has worked on projects with clients in the NBA, Hollywood TV & Film, and over the last two years working in politics. Major has a mindset to build partnerships with Pasadena residents who feel the sting of a rapidly developing city. He wants to bring residential prosperity, create jobs, and stop raising taxes.

“I will work to address our city’s challenges by focusing on making us business-friendly. I will also focus on people’s needs rather than a particular interest of outside entities,” Williams said on his website. “I am running for Mayor because I believe in our community and it’s potential if we all work together.”