Dear Neighbors,

My name is Major Williams, and I am a husband, a father, a business owner and a compassionate dreamer, who now champions the dreams of others.  I'm excited to announce that I am running for Mayor because I believe in our city, and I am committed to attracting meaningful jobs, increasing safety through community policing, revitalizing our neighborhoods and encouraging innovation in our local economy. 

I am committed to ensuring that our parks, libraries and open spaces are protected to promote well-being and community collaboration; and that any new development complements our community's unique personality while ensuring all options for alleviating traffic are thoroughly considered. I will work to address our city's challenges by engaging diverse stakeholders in an open and civic dialog.

My vision as the next Mayor of Pasadena will give our citizens a viable choice that will, in turn, lead the city into an era of progressiveness in a manner that brings balance back to our town. I am running for Mayor because I believe in our community and its potential when we all work together.