Frequently Asked Questions

Hello Neighbors,

My views on raising the minimum wage.

My views on raising the minimum wage would have aligned with the pace of the state versus the city amendment

What are your views on prosecuting employers who engage in wage theft?

I would only consider a stiff penalty for wage theft if it occurred continuously, and then it could lead to prosecution would be my stance.

My views on rent control.

I am for fair housing practice.

What are your views on just cause eviction?

I am for fair housing practice. As Mayor, I will always support residents and advocate for appropriate treatment. 

What are your views on civilian oversight of the PPD?

I'm open to exploring the elements of such an oversight group. Learning more on what would be required will allow me to elaborate.

What are your views on reducing parking requirements for new residential buildings?

I stand with reducing parking requirements and lowering parking meter fees.

What are your views on making Pasadena a sanctuary city?

I will support our police chief and their current stance on the issue.

What are your views on enforcement against slumlords?

My views and actions about such activity would be addressed case by case.

What are your views on switching to electric buses?

I am not opposed to exploring more efficient public transportation or electric buses.

What are your views on stopping gentrification on the Fuller Seminary property and elsewhere?

I am open for alternative development if opportunities can create local jobs.

What are your views on turning the old Y into transitional housing and not another hotel?

I did not oppose to transitional housing nor a hotel. 

My views on requiring PPD to keep data on racial profiling, 

I would be an advocate to keep data on racial profiling.

Why do we see your stickers all over the Washington Heights area?

Its unfortunate individuals visited local businesses who support me took stacks of stickers and placed them around the city, knowing it would upset locals. It worked, and now I would like to address it only by saying myself or anyone within my team did not authorize those actions. We are looking into the matter.

What are your views on the Space Bank development and location?   

I think the location is fantastic. It is close to the freeway, local transit, and shopping centers. But, I hold reservations on the safety risk and concerns brought to my attention. Until I have all the facts, I will reserve further judgment on the project.

When is your next speaking engagement?

You can join me at the "Meet The Candidate" forum on September 14, 2019, at 6 pm. Attendees can rsvp at Please send us your first and last name.

I look forward to sharing some of my ideas, my background, and more importantly taking questions and speaking with my neighbors. 

What makes you qualified to run for Mayor?

My life experiences, education, and the ability to lead in every industry I have worked in over the last 20 years have prepared me for this role. I am working with multi-million dollar non-profits, NBA players foundations, and facilitation of marketing strategies responsible for multi-millions in revenue. My entrepreneur spirit is a need for the current climate of our city. If we are going to take responsibility for our lack of direction, we must seek new leadership that reflects the diversity of the town present day. I will focus on making sure our residents can afford to live in Pasadena. All the new development that has occurred and that will continue if we do not go in the right direction this next election. "It is time to think major about our future Pasadena."

Where did you attend college?

I attend Trinity Valley Community College, Louisiana Tech University and Eastfield College.

Will you end traffic in the city?

I am speaking with some great city planners that have a more elaborate imagination that past planners who I feel like can get the job done for us once I am in the office. It will be challenging, but it is possible.

What is your phone number?


How long have you lived in Pasadena? Were you born here?

I have lived in Pasadena 8 years. No!

Do you know how to balance a multi million dollar budget?

Absolutely, but you should know that role isn’t a one-person show. Teamwork is required to run a city, and a Mayor doesn’t have any success if there isn’t a supportive team member he/she can delegate a task.

How do you plan to win over voters when the last three mayors have increasingly added expenses that cause the cost of living rate to go up?

-The previous three Mayors have risen the cost of living for the residents of Pasadena by first, being negligent with the city budget. Then, by raising the taxes on our residents to dig the city out of a hole they dug. One which we are not out of, or close to being out. As a reminder, I am a citizen who has been just as affected like everyone else by these actions, keeping the same mayor in office will NOT fix this problem. Let's start with first changing what needs to be changed; we need someone in office who suffers the same issues as YOU. Only when someone who has the same plights as you is willing to address something is when it will change. Do you want to hope that your current mayor will finally wake up and see how our residents suffer? Or do you want to know that you have a mayor who knows what your frustrations and wants to end them as much as you do?

What is your plan for tackling wastefulness, embezzlement, and corruption at City Hall?

-Transparency. The best way for our budget to work is also to have the support of our community. The way we do this is through transparency. To know where we need more or less funding, we need communication with our residents. You are all directly and indirectly affected by how we utilize the budget. If the city government spends money on goods and services the community has no necessity for, we only do a disservice to the residents. 

Are you a proponent of mandatory hourly parking citation quotas?

-One crucial thing is pedestrian and driver safety. Parking regulations require enforcement for protection. However, it is also vital that we take a look at those regulations and fees. Citations will continue to get issued for violations. That will not change. It is a way to control street traffic and resident safety. But having a quota is not something I find necessary to enforce. Having a city full of residents whose day has an unplanned expense is not going to benefit our community. We need to do the opposite, help our residents keep money in their pockets.

Why do police officers selectively enforce traffic laws and not apply them equally?

-Understandably, some residents feel the Police are selective with traffic law enforcement. However, this practice is not acceptable. Our traffic laws are put in place, not to hinder our residents, but to keep us all safe. I will make sure that our Police uphold our laws. More importantly, I want to assure our residents that this does not mean our Police will then go on a ticket issuing spree. The way we keep our residents safe is through policing. Our officers can patrol our neighborhoods to keep everyone safe without having to enforce unnecessary fines on our residents. 

Will you be continuing the pattern of City Hall and Law Enforcement micro-managing aspects of the daily life experience or will you be ruling the town in a more relaxed manner?

-Back to what I was saying before, laws need to be upheld. To keep order, but more importantly, to keep our communities and residents safe. I will make sure that I have a very active relationship with our city police department to make sure this happens. How much I need to manage will be determined by the relationship our police department and officials develop with our community and residents.

What ideas do you have to decrease rent rates in Pasadena?

-Adjusting rent rates in Pasadena is only a temporary solution. One that, by law, might not even be possible. More so, the last thing the residents of Pasadena need is a bandaid on something that requires surgery. What I want to do for our residents is help them develop from renters to owners through financial prosperity. We should be able to afford rent. I want to change not only the minds of our residents but also their lives, to that of living in abundance through wealth building. I plan to put programs that teach individuals the possibility of wealth accumulation but also by setting in place policies that allow our residents to prosper through the development of home-based businesses. Tax breaks and incentives for companies who hire more residents, who bring training programs to Pasadena that will allow our residents to learn skilled trades. I want to develop the people of Pasadena. Our current mayor only wants to redevelop properties.

What is your plan to tackle the increase in homelessness in Pasadena?

-Homelessness is an issue that brings sorrow to not only Pasadena but the nation as a whole. Proven methods for ending homelessness have been, not only providing housing but providing supportive services. A vast majority of our homeless population lives with mental illness. Merely providing a bed does them no service. What I'm looking to do is work with organizations in our state, county, and city to give these individuals everything they need to transition OUT OF homelessness and poverty. We need a PERMANENT solution. Providing them housing and support services like therapy, skills training, and job placement is essential to reducing this ugly epidemic, not only in our city but everywhere. 

Will you be addressing the 'city's contract with InterCon regarding their parking enforcement?

-I will be discussing ALL city contracts. Currently, the city has contracts with different agencies. Some of which benefit the agencies more than the city, and in turn, its residents. The InterCon contract is one that on my radar for review. All agreements will be addressed to work FOR the city so its residents can benefit from the revenue created out of them.

Can you break down how gasoline prices are constructed? Specifically, what the City of Pasadena adds to the gasoline base price per gallon?

-Per the California Department of Tax and Fee Administration, Gas tax rates as of July 1, 2019, are; A Federal Fuel Tax of 18.4 cents PER GALLON, a State Fuel Tax of 47.3 cents PER GALLON, and the retail location sales tax. Which in Pasadena is 10.25% as of April this year. That means that on an average cost of $3.99 a gallon, about $1.06 goes to taxes alone. Now, we can't do anything about the State and Federal tax rates at the moment, however, the city tax rate is what we can do something. Currently, for every $100 you want to spend in Pasadena, you end up having to pay $110.25. The only way to keep this rate from growing higher is by making sure we get officials elected who are looking are responsible for the budget. I'm willing to be held accountable for the use of the funds in the budget through transparency. Something that I have been campaigning since day one.